23; 5'6"; Female
SW- 68kgs (150lbs)
CW- 62kgs (137lbs)
GW1- 65kgs (143lbs) 22.04.2012;
GW2- 62kgs (137lbs) 20.07.2012;
UGW- 58kg (128lbs) (for now)

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Most Memorable Travel Moments- The Bad

Most Memorable Travel Moments- The Bad


A few months back, I wrote a short post about some of the many good things I experienced while I was on the go. Very ambitiously, I promised a part 2 and part 3 (you know… the bad and the ugly, respectively) before I realised that I just do not have enough negative experiences to justify a full post.

I contemplated letting it slide, evilly thinking ‘No one is going to notice, muahaha!’, but then…

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Reminiscing… 1 Year On… 35 Days of Summer <3

Reminiscing… 1 Year On… 35 Days of Summer 


I JUST realised that just about one year ago I embarked on my self proclaimed ‘epic’ 5 week long journey through Central and Eastern Europe that actually made me start this blog!! In honour of the anniversary of that momentous moment ( :P ), lets take a walk down memory lane and run quickly through that amazing summer!

After an ‘interesting’ trip to Venicein February 2013, I decided I wanted to…

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Bungy like a Monkey… YEHAAAAAAA!!!

Why monkey, why monkey,  you say? Well, when you see our expressions in the video at the end, you’ll know!! I thought we looked funny, but my sister immediately said MONKEYS!!

With all these activities that I try, I just know more and more that I’m a big darpok, a bhitu, a scaredy cat! When I paid to jump off a cliff, I stood trembling at the edge for so long, half of me was sure I wouldn’t go…

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I just got nominated for the Liebster Award :D

Whahahaaaa!! I just got nominated for the Liebster Award by Tiana from Single Serving Friends :D Very, very exciting and a great big honour! This is an online award given by bloggers to new bloggers and is a great way to network and get noticed. Thaaank you, Tiana!!



First, the rules…

  • Thank the blogger nominated you ~ include a link back to their website.
  • Answer the eleven questions they ask…

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'Weight' a Minute…!!

Let’s just take a break from the whole traveling thing for a day and talk about some ‘weighty’ issues. What brings about this post is the reactions to a picture I posted onto Facebook and Instagram yesterday.


The Struggle Is Real!

It’s been barely 24 hours, and I have not just been bombarded with likes and comments and congratulations-es, MULTIPLE people have pinged me and asked me for the…

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Surya in Sofia! 2 Days in the Bulgarian Capital

Sofia is another one of those cities, in another one of those countries (Bulgaria) that does not cross the minds of most visitors to Europe, at least from my part of the world. Which is (probably) precisely why it was at the top of my list. For the 2 weeks that I had between my thesis submission and my graduation ceremony, I bought 3 air tickets- Milan to Timisoara, Thessaloniki to London, and…

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Home(s) Away From Home… Hostel Reviews- Part 1

Hostel Reviews in Bulgaria and Croatia!!!


SO… Since I stayed in over 20 hostels in my time in Europe, I feel I should pass on the love and talk about the hostels I stayed at. I’m going in alphabetical order by country, so things make some sense. Finally, the hostel reviews I’ve been promising for months now :)

Bulgaria Hostel Mostel in all three cities


  • Location: About 7-8 mins walk from the city centre. It’s actually just across…

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How To Choose A Hostel, And My Favourite Hostel… REVEALED!!!!

Doesn’t the title sound super pretentious? XD

Well, after having spent many, many nights in many, many different hostels, I count myself as quite the expert when it comes to choosing a good one. So before you go and slam the idea of hostels entirely because of one bad experience, or one poor review from someone, read on to find out what you should consider before making a choice.

Now, I’m not…

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I’m entered to WIN a 40-day trip through #Laos #Thailand & #Cambodia with @FNEZ! Get your name in the draw here:

Why I Didn’t Go Solo in Italy

Why I Didn’t Go Solo In Italy


I LOVE Italy. It’s where I lived for four years as a kid, it’s where my sister was born and it’s where I chose to go study for my Masters. But, but, buuut…

When it comes to travel (particularly solo), Italy was where I had the least comfortable experiences.

My Dad always, always asked me why I was ignoring all the Italian glory and traveling to far-flung places like Poland and Bulgaria when one…

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A Taste of Royalty- Why a Luxurious Indian Vacation is (Definitely) Better Than an International One

Depating from the usual frugal theme… Let’s have a talk on ‘A Taste of Royalty- Why a Luxurious Indian Vacation is (Definitely) Better Than an International One’

Till not so long ago, my family always believed that if we were going to spend a lot of money on a holiday, we might as well go abroad. In early winter 2011, I decided I wanted to change all that and planned to take my family on a luxury vacation in India. I’d had my eye on a resort for several months, and I knew that was going to be the one. By late summer 2012, I had been employed long enough…

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Veliko Tarnovo… Is It Worth The Effort?

Veliko Tarnovo… Worth The Effort


People who’ve been following my blog are now going to say ‘I knowwww…‘ at what I’m going to say next :) Indian passport holders who have a Schengen Visa can only spend 5 days in Romania, including the days you get in and out.

Now that we’ve got that out of the day, let’s begin.

I spent my 4th (and definitely last) night in Romania in Bucharest at Liliana’s place. Again, people who have been…

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I travel the world for the perfect tea
Everybody’s looking for Darjeeling

Some of them want to infuse you
Some of them want to be infused by you



I travel the world for the perfect tea

Everybody’s looking for Darjeeling

Some of them want to infuse you

Some of them want to be infused by you

10 Reasons I Love Krakow

Poland’s Gem- Krakow


Reaching Krakow had been a bit of an ordeal for me. Cutting a long story short, after an entire day of freaking out, I found myself in a very hot, very cramped overnight train from Prague to Krakow stuffed in a compartment with an elderly Polish man, a Dutch guy and a large Brazilian family. And the Brazilian auntyji wouldn’t let us keep the windows open because she thought her 5ish year old…

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Most Memorable Travel Moments- The Good

Though I haven’t been traveling for a long time, I’ve been around a fair bit. And even when you’re on a weekend trip, things happen to you. So when you’re actually on a slightly extended trip, MORE things happen to you! Good things, bad things, funny things, insane things!  So here’s a my top ten list of some of the nice things I got to experience… People who went out of their way to help me,…

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